Perforcues Zeri

375-watt, 5.1-channel, networked audio/video receiver


425-watt, 5.1-channel, networked AVR with Bluetooth connectivity


5.1-channel 4K Ultra HD network AV receiver


700-watt, 7.2-channel, networked AVR with AirPlay and Bluetooth connectivity


Bluetooth Philips audio me perforcues

€31,00 €40,00

Bluetooth® compatible 5.1-channel AV receiver with fully discrete configuration and high-quality DACs.


Perforcues Pioneer 5.1-Channel Network AV Receiver AV Receiver with Ultra HD Pass-through with HDCP 2.2 (4K/60p/4:4:4)


Perforcues Yamaha 5.1-Channel 4K Ultra HD AV Receiver with Bluetooth


Perforcues zani gjerman Monacor me 5 zona


Perforcues zeri Monacor per restorane dhe lokale


Perforcues zeri stereo UNIVERSAL Monacor


Perforcus i zanit me Bluetooth


Perforcus multifunksional zeri 30W / 45W


Profesional perforcues zeri Monacor per lokale dhe hapsira te ndryshme

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