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Kliko ketu, dhe lexo per kete produkt!TECHNOLOGYThis is why you need tristar tester!The TristarTristar (or "Hydra" in newer models) is an IC on the lo...

Kliko ketu, dhe lexo per kete produkt!

This is why you need tristar tester!
The Tristar
Tristar (or "Hydra" in newer models) is an IC on the logic board of iDevices that is used for authentication of USB devices. It's purpose is to check the authenticity of any attached cable or device via the Lightning Port and to allow or deny data transmission or charging processes. By using uncertified accessories (such as knock-off data cables or Lightning-port-fans) this very sensitive chip can easily get damaged and stop working correctly.
The Problem
The symptoms of a faulty Tristar/Hydra (no function, rapid battery drain, etc.) are mostly similar to those of a faulty battery. This is why differential diagnosis between battery and logicboard problems is very complicated. If a faulty Tristar is not discovered and a new battery is installed instead, this may bring the phone back to life instantly. However, the new battery will be damaged within weeks if not days and the symptoms will return. This not only results in damaged batteries but also in unsatisfied customers.
The Solution
Tristar tester can show typical Tristar/Hydra faults within seconds without opening the device. This enables you to detect these errors before or while checking the device in for repair and allows you to discuss the needed repairs right at the point of sale, avoiding unneeded repairs (such as battery replacements) and wasted parts.
This not only lowers your parts costs, but also increases customer satisfaction, as it is widely known that customers hate nothing more than subsequently increased repair quotes.

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