ERSA letkon digjital me mikroprocesor rregullues

ERSA letkon digjital me mikroprocesor rregullues

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RSA - 80 Watt letkon digjital me mikroprocesor rregullues. Ky letkon profesional me display te madhe mundeson fiksimin e 3 temperaturave, ndaljen...

RSA - 80 Watt letkon digjital me mikroprocesor rregullues.

Ky letkon profesional me display te madhe mundeson fiksimin e 3 temperaturave, ndaljen automatike nese nuk punohet (Stand by) e te tjera. Me kete letkon mund te programoni 3 temperatura sipas deshires, vetem shtypni njeren nga keto 3 susta dhe letkoni ua sjell temperaturen e deshiruar, brenda nje casti te shkurter. Poashtu letkoni e ruan majen dhe kursen energjine, pasiqe ndalet vetvetiu nese nuk e perdorni nje kohe te caktuar. Mund t'i vendosen maje te ndryshme.

Ky letkon mund te  perdoret per c´do profesion.


Soldering station Ersa RDS 80

Digital power soldering station with microprocessor control and fantastic price/performance ratio

The digital soldering station Ersa RDS 80, offers the established and proven Ersa Resistronic heating technology with a generous 80 watts of power.

With this unique temperature control technology, the ceramic PTC heating element (Positive Temperature Coefficient) replaces the function of the thermocouple. This guarantees very fast preheating due to high initial power and fast heat recovery for a stable soldering process.

The very high heating power and the largest range of soldering tips allow for great flexibility in handling all applications.

The heating system with interior heated soldering tips has the highest thermal efficiency. The newly constructed ergonomic handle, the new design of the housing, and the big digital multi-function display leave nothing to be desired!

Precise temperatures can be selected between 150° C and 450° C (302° F - 842° F), and with a touch of a button, 3 fixed temperatures or 2 fixed temperatures and one stand-by temperature can be programmed and selected.

In addition, the station offers a power bar graph display, a calibration capability, and an automatic power-off function. Finally, the potential equalization jack (with integraded 220 k resistor) allows the system to be grounded to the desired resistance of the working environment.The soldering station 0RDS80 consists of elecronic station 0RDS803, soldering iron RT80 with long-life tip 0842CD and tool holder 0A39.

Power rating (Watt) 80
Supply (Volt) 230
Secondary voltage (Volt) 24
Temperature range (in °C) 150 - 450
Preheating time (in seconds) 40
Design Soldering Tips long-life tip
Antistatic design (yes / no) no
Digital display (yes / no) yes
Weight (g) 3,200
Replacement heating element (order-no.): 0890CDJ
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