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WT1010 SET stacion I pikjes konfor dhe modern, modeli 2017 nga Weller. Bashke ne set jan WT1, WTP 90, WSR 200. Display i madhe qe leht me i lexu te dh...

WT1010 SET stacion I pikjes konfor dhe modern, modeli 2017 nga Weller. Bashke ne set jan WT1, WTP 90, WSR 200. Display i madhe qe leht me i lexu te dhenat. Ky letkon ka 90Watt eshte I pershtatshem per serviser te ndryshem siq jan serviseret e televizorave, telefonave, teknikes se bardhe, llaptopave, per ne laborator dhe shume destinacione tjera. Pastrusi i laget dhe i terun i montuar ne mbajtes te dorzes mundeson shpejt pastrimin e majes. Rregullimi i tempoeratures 100 - 550 °C. Ndrrim i shpejt i majeve. 

Me poshte gjeni pershkrimin ne gjuhen Angleze.

Product Details

WT 1010 Soldering Set Power Unit/Soldering Iron/Safety Rest

WT 1010 soldering station kit consist of the WT1 90 W one-channel power unit, WT 90 soldering iron plus the WSR 200 safety rest. 

WT I is a one channel soldering station power units. The power unit includes a detailed LC display giving you an instant overview of all functions. The functions are quick and easy to read using an easy to operate menu button. The LC display is a graphical backlit LC display. You can work with different tip types rapidly due to the quick change process of the heating element. The power units can be stacked on top of each other plus can be easily stacked on the WTHA 1 hot air station.

WTP 90 high performance 90 W soldering iron set has a passive tip system which gives you quick exchange of heating elements. The soldering iron uses power response heating technology. Soldering tips can easily be replaced independent of the heating element. Included is a sensor inside the handle which detects when the soldering iron is in use, automatic standby operates from this sensor.

The WSR 200 safety rest has a metal wool brass and sponge so you can choose between wet and dry cleaning. A tip retainer is included in the rest


WT 1:

High productivity power unit with 1 channel
90 W model
Clear menu structure
Menu button
Stackable / space saving
Graphical backlit LC display
Instant overview of all functions
High performance and functionality
Many connectable tools
Use different tip types
Automatic standby of tools
Integrated acceleration sensor in the tool
WT 1 weight 1.9 kg
Housing cover
UK and Euro plug types F and G

Width – 149 mm
Depth – 138 mm
Height – 101 mm

WTP 90:

90 W
Soldering iron and safety rest
Slim iron design
Passive tip system
Quick exchange heating element
Power response heating technology
Sensor in handle detects when in use
Automatic Standby
Suitable for all soldering jobs
High mass tips for ambitious soldering tasks

WSR 200:

2 in 1
Tip retainer
Metal, wool, brass and sponge
Choose wet and dry leaning



Soldering - Weller

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Model Number WT 1010 Set
Plug Type Type F - Schuko plug, Type G - British 3-pin
Primary Application Category Soldering
Input Voltage 230V
Output Power 90W
Maximum Operating Temperature +550°C
Minimum Operating Temperature +100°C
Display Type LCD
Image Client
(+383) 038/222-851
Bregu i Diellit, Blloku 17
Prishtine, Kosova