HM504-2 ANALOG Osciloskop - HAMEG 50 MHZ

HM504-2 ANALOG Osciloskop - HAMEG 50 MHZ

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Kete artikull mund ta keni vetem me porosi!   Analog Oscilloscope w/Autoset, Readout and Cursor 2 C...

Kete artikull mund ta keni vetem me porosi!


Analog Oscilloscope w/Autoset, Readout and Cursor

  • 2 Channels with deflection coefficients of 1 mV – 20V/cm, Low Noise, Time Base 0.5 s – 50 ns/cm (with X magnification to 10 ns)
  • Triggering from 0 to 100 MHz from 5 mm signal level
  • Time Base delay provides allows high X Magnification of any portion of the signal
  • Automatic amplitude, frequency (up to 100 MHz) and period measurement
  • Maximum of 1 million signal displays per second in optimum analog quality
  • RS-232 interface (for parameter queries and control only)

The new 50MHz analog oscilloscope HM504-2 is unsurpassed in its price range, convincing by high performance measurement characteristics and operation comfort. Other outstanding features are the integrated 100 MHz frequency counter, which also enables period time measurement and five automatic voltage measurement functions.

The measurement quality is based on the CRT with its practically unlimited resolution in both deflection directions. In combination with the excellent input attenuator and signal amplifier characteristics, it allows for the best possible signal display. The frequency response of the 50MHz (-3dB) Y-amplifiers allows signal displays higher than 100MHz. In combination with the trigger circuit and the high resolution time base (max. 10ns/div), such high signals can be presented in a stable and clear display. Delayed time base operation allows high resolution analysis of asynchronous and complex signals simple in free run mode or in combination with the independent second trigger circuit.

The ergonomic user interface characteristics of HM504 are easy to use. Briefly pressing the Autoset button results in an automatic, optimum setting of the controls for almost any signal to get a fast signal presentation. Of course, any parameter may be adjusted manually as required for signals with high complexity or for special presentations. Save/Recall offers 9 non volatile memories for complete parameter set ups, which may be stored and recalled randomly. Another feature is the built in RS-232 interface for control purposes via a PC. Suitable free PC software is also included in the delivery.

Front panel settings and selected features are alphanumerically displayed on the screen (Readout). For example the results of cursor independent automatic measurement of frequency, period, dc and ac voltages. Voltage, time, frequency, phase angle, gain, rise time, ratio X and ratio Y can be determined by manual cursor measurement. Probe factor input (x1 and x10) enables the correct display of deflection coefficients and voltages, without annoying calculation. The HM504 also offers XY and component test mode, a built-in calibrate menu for closed-case calibration of the vertical-, trigger- and storage amps, a Calibrator (1Hz-1MHz) for probe and timebase check - and Z- modulation.


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