Instrument per matjen e sinjalit PRODIG 5

Instrument per matjen e sinjalit PRODIG 5

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Kete artikull mund ta keni vetem me porosi!   Instrument per matjen e sinjalit  PRODIG 5 PROMAX TV EXPLORER, and US TV EXPLORER Universal TV...

Kete artikull mund ta keni vetem me porosi!


Instrument per matjen e sinjalit  PRODIG 5

Universal TV Explorer


  • Coverage of satellite, cable and television.
  • Tuning by channel and frequency (IF or direct in the case of satellite)
  • Automatic channel search with the possibility to create channel plans for each new session.
  • Automatic identification of the type of signal.
  • Multi-standard analog measurements: Level, Video-Audio, C/N.
  • Digital measurements: Power, C/N, Channel Identification.
    • COFDM 2k/8k: MER, VBER, CBER
    • QAM 16/32/64/128/256: BER, MER.
  • Simultaneous display of all the measurements and main associated parameters.
  • MPEG decoding.
  • List of services and PID's.
  • TFT Monitor (320 candles/cm)

The Promax TV Explorer (formally Prodig-5) is setting new standards in the way installers make and understand measurements. The TV EXPLORER has an impressive new range of functions developed to easy measurements and detection of impairments in both digital and analog systems. The EXPLORER's compact and rugged construction makes it ideal for field use. A 5" color LCD shows all the measurements and the picture of analogue and digital channels.

The TV Explorer includes a high resolution spectrum analyzer function with a new intelligent way to directly control the display of signals on the screen. It is ideal to be used in this transition period from analogue to digital, as it covers a wide range of standards, PAL / SECAM / NTSC in analogue and COFDM /QPSK / QAM in digital.  From now on, your analyzer will be a much more intelligent and easy to use tool!

What Satellite is this?

When using AUTO-IDENTIFICATION function from spectrum analyzer or antenna alignment modes the TV Explorer does what no other meter can do. It tells information about the origin of the signal, what satellite or what transmitter is it coming from!!! This is obtained from network identification data contained in the transport stream.

This new function is downloadable via the Internet and comes with the TV Explorer firmware version 4.02. The functions is particularly useful to locate a satellite. Go to antenna alignmentmode, move the dish until you receive some signals, press AUTO-ID and you know what satellite you are on.

Explorer: One Key and Go!

When the 'Explorer' key is pressed for a few seconds, a new spectrum exploration session begins. Unlike any other meter currently on the market, the EXPLORER makes a dynamic exploration of the spectrum, detecting all the channels in the swept band. This applies to the terrestrial and satellite television bands.

This new measurement concept sets a radical change in the way to understand and to use the meter. The analyzer is no longer a passive unit, that only measure the channels. It is the analyzer on its own that begins by locating all the channels available in the band.

The Promax Prodig-5 detects all the channels in the band with no need for any previous details such as, the number of channels available, the type of signals transmitted or their characteristics. The EXPLORER is then able to determinate the nature of the signal (analogue or digital) and the channel bandwidths. It can also automatically identify digital channel shifts that the instrument will display.

With the data collected after each exploration, it creates a register that contains tables of channels that can be independent for each area or system. Each of these tables can be saved with a different name.

At any time, the stored sessions can be retrieved and the pattern used for a new sweep that will then be very fast. This feature can be very useful, for instance in countries with a MFN network.


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