DVB-S2 SAT Level Meter

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Kete artikull mund ta keni vetem me porosi!   This satellite signal level meter is designed according to the latest technical standard DVB-S2 ...

Kete artikull mund ta keni vetem me porosi!


This satellite signal level meter is designed according to the latest technical standard DVB-S2 and is universally used for installation and servicing of digital satellite TV receiver systems. Furthermore it is also suitable for alignment of rotating satellite equipment by the USALS and DiSEqC control. The graphical user interface allows a quick and easy navigation through the various menu options. The automatic satellite search, location-based alignment assistance and the graphical display of the signal strength and quality as bargraph allows easy new installation of satellite systems. Through the integrated MPEG-4 decoder and the new DVB-S2 standard this meter can also find and display high-resolution HD channels as a live TV picture in the modern 16:9 format with sound. Use the spectrum analyzer, the display of the signal quality, signal strength, bit error rate and the modulation error rate for troubleshooting and maintenance of existing receiver systems. For special assistance in repairs this meter has a constellation diagram illustrating the modulated signal.

  • New DVB-S2 standard
  • Playing of satellite programs with high-resolution color video and audio
  • Live TV display also for HD channels
  • Shown in 4:3 or 16:9 widescreen format
  • 13/18 V, 22 kHz, DiSEqC 1.0,1.1,1.2 and USALS
  • Suitable for Unicable SCR
  • Pre-programmed satellites and automatic channel search
  • Automatic and manual channel search by satellite or individual transponders
  • Spectrum analyzer to display the entire frequency bandwidth
  • Constellation diagram for troubleshooting the modulation method
  • Angle calculations for the alignment of the satellite antenna
  • AV-In and AV-Out port for external image sources and displays
  • Ultra-bright LED flashlight and blue keypad illumination
  • Multimedia-function for MP3, Video and JPG playing via USB
  • USB interface for Multimedia- and Update function
  • Safety: EN 60950-1; CAT II
  • Accessories: carrying case, holster, 230 V AC adaptor, 12 V car charger, AV cable, F connector, software CD, user manual
Standard DVB-S / DVB-S2
Frequency range 950 - 2150 MHz
Level range 40 - 80 dBμV / -65 - 25 dBm
LNB-control 13 / 18 V, 350 mA, 22 KHz
Modulation QPSK, 8PSK
LNB-Type Universal, Unicable SCR/Legacy, Single
Video decoder MPEG 2/4
Display video format 11 cm (4,5"); 4 : 3 or 16 : 9
Operation voltage 8,4 V 3000 mA/h Lithium Ion-Akku
Charging voltage 230 V/12 V car charger
Dimension (WxHxD) 120 x 210 x 45 mm
Weight 0,5 kg


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